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Hygiene or sterility?

#Haiku Happenings #14: Belinda Broughton’s latest #haibun!

Belinda Broughton

Apparently it is desirable to shower twice a day, wash your hair daily, use soap or, preferably, disinfectant on every part of you body, drench yourself in various lotions to replace some of the oils you just washed away, and apply various forms of deodorant and or perfume until you smell like a freshly cleaned toilet.

Sometimes when I leave a lift, I smell like the last person to use that lift. Seriously I think we are insane. We have such a horror that we may smell like humans. Granted, physical hard work (especially when teamed with unnatural fibers) and or not washing the nether regions, can have a deleterious effect upon the olfactory receptors. But I really do not want to smell your perfume, and I certainly do not want to smell OF your perfume.

into my political tirade

the faint scent

of parrot feathers


I thought ‘Dry…

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