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White Wisteria

#Haiku Happenings #4: Toni’s latest haiku for #dversepoets!



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  1. Just a word of well intended fellow-blogger feedback —

    You’ve altered your email presentation so that we can’t even get a clue what’s in the post before we open it. Posts are short and many, and both sites involved take time to load for each one, especially self hosted sites, the more monetized, the more so.

    Processing over a thousand emails a day as I– and I’ll bet lots of other bloggers — presently do, the new presentation will diminish my ability timewise to enjoy as many of your posts as priorly, while also eliminating all information as to which ones I might want to invest the next several minutes checking out.

    I admire your dedication to the art, and especially to community, so thought I’d take a moment or three to one-thumbed insights into my device for you,

    Happy blogging


    • Thanks for the feedback, Ana. My current reposting presentations are not of my choosing or preference. WordPress has a systemic issue in which the reblog button has disappeared. The only way in which I can repost other bloggers’ work is to use the reader or blog’s share or wordpress this button. The result is the abbreviated format that you’re seeing, I’ll bet.

      Be assured that as soon as WordPress resolves the glitch, I will return to using the reblog button. My posts should then return to normal.

      Thanks again, for your feeback, and your patience. 🙂


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