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On the Rocks

#Haiku Happenings #14: Suzanne’s latest #haibun for Colleen’s weekly Tuesday #Tanka poetry challenge!

Being in Nature

2017-03-10 09.37.38-01

The land is here is imbued with potency.  The rocks and twisted trees have an elemental energy for the fiery volcanic forces that shaped the land are writ large upon it’s surface.


Walking on the cliff tops as a storm front approaches and the wind blows in clear and cold off the Southern Ocean I am transported into a more intense relationship with the world around me. The sea churns at the base of the cliffs, wild and fierce.  There is no one else around and I realise that with one misstep I could fall to my death.   It is a raw, instinctual thought.


I move away from the clifftop and walk a narrow track where tangled tree roots and jagged rocks protrude from the earth.   My toes catch on a root and I stumble slightly.  This is an environment that demands my full attention, my complete participation.  The cold…

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