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John Knight’s Jasmine

#Haiku Happenings #1 (2/24/18): Nicholas Klacsanzky haiku commentary on John Knight’s Jasmine!

Haiku Commentary

no rain…
ah but the scent
of jasmine

© John Knight (1935-2012) (Australia)

This is a fine example of how haiku can express a feeling without stating it. The word “ah” lends a hand in knowing the exact feeling of the writer, but the emotion of refreshment could also be extracted without this word. Rain soothes, nurtures, and beautifies. The same can be said about the scent of jasmine, which is scientifically proven to calm the nerves with its sweet smell. This haiku shows a philosophical notion of wholeness: despite the absence of rain (jasmine is a seasonal reference for late summer, so the absence of rain would be more apparent during this time), the scent of jasmine has replaced its effects. In other words, if something fails to happen, something else will take its place. Nature has a way of retaining its balance.

I like the use of the…

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