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Interview With Paresh Tiwari: On Haiku, Hybrid Poetry

#Haiku Happenings #15: Archita Mittra’s interview with Paresh Tiwari!

Archita Mittra: writer, editor & artist

Paresh Tiwari is a noted Indian writer of haiku, haibun and hybrid poems. His latest collection Raindrops Chasing Raindrops is out now, and you can read my review of the same here.

In this interview with writer and blogger Archita Mittra, he discusses the convergence of different art forms, his creative process and the publishing scene in India, among other things

Archita Mittra: As a cartoonist and a writer, how do you negotiate between the two art forms? Do you see them as separate and distinct, or as a space for hybridity? Between the two, are you more inclined to writing?

Paresh Tiwari: I believe all art forms do converge somewhere. And the convergence is life itself. And yet, I am usually in completely different mind-space while practicing these two art forms. As a poet I empathise a lot more. I try to become what I write. As a cartoonist…

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