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Andrena Zawinski: Singing Bird Haibun

#Haiku Happenings #10: Vox Populi presents Andrena Zawinski’s 2014, first-place winning #haibun “Singing Bird Haibun,” from the Tiferet Journal 2014 contest!

Vox Populi

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, 
and the grass grows by itself.” Basho

It is not a steely-eyed egret nor heft of pelican but just a singing bird that catches my fancy from a balcony perched across from pines lining the marina. Here I make watch of another shifting sky, distant buoy sounding swells in the bay, common robin chiming in on the wind.

resting in my palm
it might pulse at the heart line
practice its pitch

But this bird makes its roost in the forked trunk, where branches droop heavy with cones. Like this robin, I try to perfect a voice in the intimate language of birds, call back at it, parroting the rise and fall of its wistful warbling, practicing the melodic whistling.

the robin carols
in a cathedral of pine
all feather and trill

Everything readies for something – above, wide wings of dark crows…

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