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(dj) Variations of April / haikai 28/ hatsu hana ii, elusive pinks (4.9) – Daily Jewels by Jules

#Haiku Happenings #4: Jules’ second #renga soliloquy for my current #haikai challenge!

hatsu hana ii, elusive pinks

in New England, too
tis cold still for most blossoms
at least the birds sing

those first few days here, up north
not much stirred, rain turned to snow

wondering the Lake
trail, the only green came from
pines, old and young ones

now with the sky blue and a
slight rise in temperature

perhaps more will bud
with help from a warmer sun –
three weeks into spring


Frank’s haikai # 28 [first] cherry blossom (hatsu hana)

— Read on dailyjewelsbyjules.wordpress.com/2018/04/09/dj-variations-of-april-haikai-28-hatsu-hana-ii-elusive-pinks-4-9/

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