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Haiku about Hamlet’s Ophelia

Haiku Happenings #2: Charlotte Digregorio presents a haiku sequence by gifted 16-year-old haijin, Molly Forrester!

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

A special treat: Molly Forrester, a gifted young haikuist, age 16, is sharing her haiku which you will treasure.

A Nymph Takes Action

by Molly Forrester

love —


by the sun himself

flooded in thought

the damask rose





the song of her tears . . .

each note

drifts her away



with sanity

spring showers . . .

& the flowers bloom

from her mind

fertile soil —

her frailty

buried in her father’s grave

still water —


holds no name

birth of spring —

her submission

died with her father

dove’s song

she flew

from reality

from insanity

the water nymph makes

her way home

the brook’s gurgle

drowning out the sound

of her voice

Poet’s Statement

I chose to write haiku because I thought through the natural world, I could depict Ophelia’s own nature. Haiku, a literary convention Shakespeare often…

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