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Crazy Bird

#Haiku Happenings #12: Dwight’s latest #tanka sequence for my current #haikai challenge!

Roth Poetry


This crazy cowbird has been dancing on my window sill for the past four day or more. He sees himself in the glass and fluffs out his feathers to show he is boss. He does it most of the day. Once in a while he goes to the feeder to eat and comes right back. If we chase him away. He comes right back. I think he must be a little neurotic! This is my Haikia for Frank Tassone’s poetry challenge using the word warm.

Silly Little bird

Still strutting across my window

Mirage in clear glass

Emotions rising with warm spring

Runway sill for strutting ‘round


Narcissistic bird

Never tires of mirrored face

Loves his own image

Can’t seem to get past it

Perhaps warm hormones now flow


Self-indulgent bird

Where are your fine feathered friends

No future staring at one’s self

No warmth to be…

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