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Haiku poetry day 2018 (part 2)

#Haiku Happenings #5: Bill Waters haiku from his early start celebrating #IHPD!

Bill Waters ~~ Haiku

This past Sunday, April 15th, I got a jump on International Haiku Poetry Day by attending a haiku get-together at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed environmental preserve in Central New Jersey. The time flew by — too fast, too fast! — as we jumped from topic to topic about haiku-related things.  :- )

The weather was cold, overcast, and a bit drizzly, but our spirits weren’t dampened as we walked a woodland trail in search of haiku moments to capture. The effects of wind were much in evidence in my poems:

with deadfalls:
the path of the wind

heartwood exposed
to the wind and rain . . .
shattered shagbark hickory

windy woods —
the clack and squeak
of branches

Oh, and mud, too. LOL!

surrounded by nature
I watch
my step

Many thanks, Education Director and haiku poet Jeff Hoagland, for making this event possible!  _/|_

*    *    *…

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  1. I appreciate the reblog, Frank! Only three of us turned up for the event, but we easily filled three hours with talking and walking and writing. LOL! That’s how it is when you meet up with people who share your interest! 😉

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