Credo of a Fool: a #haibun



Laugh at the way if you wish. It wouldn’t be the way if you didn’t. Laugh at me as I struggle to walk it. I would rather be such a fool than your kind of wise one.


a maserati for commuting from a three-car garage mansion on Malibu. A private jet for jetsetting lunch and dinner dates. The flash of paparazzi cameras at red carpet events. The groveling of social inferiors vying for favors. The dismissal of entire populations with a simple headshake. Yes, indeed, such trappings of wealth must be such an aphrodisiac.


None further a daffodil’s bloom. None add a moment’s life to a child dying of leukemia. None arrest the inevitable last breath all of us will one day take.


evening dew

sudden rise

of the full moon


[UNSET] (1)


Life is more than a continual worship of Mars by other means. The worldly wise forget that Minerva, in her wisdom in warcraft, bloodied the nose of the bloodthirsty God of war. He fled the field in tears to face a scornful and unsympathetic Jupiter.


If this is what passes for wisdom, then I forsake it for foolishness.


Let me, then, remain a fool. I’ll write my verses that vanish in an eyeblink but digitally remain for the internet’s existence. I’ll laugh with the impoverished, inner-city high schoolers as we discover together a funny, memorable line. I’ll savor a sunrise with a hot cup of Columbian coffee while sitting on my living room love seat.


I’ll walk the way you laugh at. So, please: call me a Fool.


soaring hawk

last echoes of our

estatic cries



for Real Toads’ Day 27 – Let’s Join the Children… imagined by Margaret

#GloPoWriMo2018 / #NaPoWriMo2018   27/30


NaPoWriMo 2018









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  1. “None add a moment’s life to a child dying of leukemia” … the entire post leaves one feeling OK about the “ordinariness” of life. I’ll take it any day – live with feeling and meaning than be a fool.

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