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#Haiku Happenings #11: Cheryl Lynn Roberts’ latest #tankaprose #haibun!

Tournesol dans un Jardin

Image result for lovers in the woodshttps://goo.gl/images/Hw3fRj

Every year it is the same feeling. Some years that mood may last longer or shorter but still it presents itself the same way. It started as a child and grew more intense and “real” when she was a young adult. Something about springtime reminds her of a saying she told a bunch of girlfriends from the CLSC in Richelieu at la cabane à sucre in Saint Grégroire, “Ah le temps est trop beau pour retourner au travail cette après-midi. Il me semble que j’aurais le gout de partir dans le bois avec le mari d’un autre.” And they laughed at the silliness and giddy with spring fever. At 30 something they felt like teenagers again.

And today as she smells the warm spring air and the rich scents of the earth, even in her sixties,  she still feels a flutter in her chest.

Spring moves in
rousing dormant…

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