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5.13 (dj) MLMM Sat Mix, haikai 33/ great mother – earth – Daily Jewels by Jules

#Haiku Happenings #8: Jules’ #renga soliloquy for my current #haikai challenge!

great mother – earth

hazy daze, seeder
spreads germ across damp spring fields
ringed by old cedar

days lengthen crops will grow tall
corn will tassel, wheat will grow

farmhands toiling land;
some city dwellers only
dream of open space

ringed by concrete walls; germs spread –
kept at bay by healthy foods

come out of the haze
give thanks and praise to farmers
in every season


MLMM Sat Mix Homophone sets this week are: cedar – an evergreen tree; seeder – one who broadcasts seeds and days – more than one day; daze – to bewilder

Frank’s haikai 33
…let our kigo be Spring rain (harusame) or Autumn rain (aki no ame)

Note: germ is another word for seed.

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— Read on dailyjewelsbyjules.wordpress.com/2018/05/13/5-13-dj-mlmm-sat-mix-haikai-33-great-mother-earth/


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