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A Thanatotic Observation: a #TankaTuesday (5/22/18) #TankaProse


[CC BY 2.5 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons




toward the pleasures

that cannot endure

as the last note rests

a rising moon


Go ahead. Live like you have no end. Squander your minutes more precious than a beadouin’s water. It makes no difference to me; I will find you sometime.


But if I enjoyed your span, I would stop and watch a sunrise. Tear up listening to a symphony. Breathe in the fragrance of the first bloom. Run my fingers across that skin. Savor that first sip of hot coffee. I would experience every moment as though it were my last.


Because every moment is the last.


fallen blossoms

the silence between the rest

and the applause

happiness, as fleeting

as all else in nature




flowers marguerites destroyed dead

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com



Kiwinana’s #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 98 – Happiness & Nature

Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform, imagined by Sanaa







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  1. My goodness this is good!💜 That first picture is so compelling.. I could hardly take my eyes off as I read your tanka. Gorgeous work, Frank! 😊

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