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Haiga, Haibun and Haiku & #3: Effusive Stories & June NaHaiWriMo 2018

#Haiku Happenings #12: Rick Daddario’s latest #haiga and #haibun!

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a slight clarification

yes, this is stone. altho i suspect this is similar to Kilauea lava flow, it is not lava from Kilauea, nor is it from any of the Hawai’i islands. i’ve been rock hounding all my life. or at least since i can remember. this piece of lava is from an excursion on the mainland decades ago. probably from when i was about 8-9 years old. it’s from an ancient flow. still, i suspect it resembles Kilauea lava. with the flow in the stone solidifying as it was flowing.


Big Island homes
swallowed in slow motion
an effusive flow


for #3 NaHaiWriMo 6-3-2018


Patty Hardin JUNE 3: EFFUSIVE

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