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7.17 (s) different ‘foils’ /haikai 42 | Jules Longer Strands of Gems

#Haikai Happenings #1 (7/20/18): Jules’ solo #renga for my current #haikai challenge!

no metal blades for
plant like swords piercing dry ground –
after today’s rain?
unpredictable weather –
drought; will some storms save our lawns
perhaps by mid-week
mowers will roar throughout the
quiet neighborhood


haikai challenge 42 cutting grasses kusakari = mowing & forbs.

Foil as in spoil and blade(s). Having fun with different meanings of the same word.
Remember to keep your mower blades sharp…

Browse is the tips of woody shrubs and trees, as well as the occasional broad-leaved plant, and forbs are flowering plants. Some examples of browse and forbs are mimosa, sagebrush, chicory, and briars. And A forb is an herbaceous flowering plant that is not a graminoid. The term is used in biology and in vegetation ecology, especially in relation to grasslands and understory. (graminoid; In botany and ecology, the term graminoid refers to a herbaceous plant with a grass-like morphology, i.e. elongated culms with long, blade-like leaves. They are contrasted to forbs, herbaceous plants without grass-like features.)
And culm kəlm/noun plural noun: culms 1. the hollow stem of a grass or cereal plant, especially that bearing the flower.

— Read on juleslongerstrandsofgems.wordpress.com/2018/07/17/7-17-s-different-foils-haikai-42/comment-page-1/


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  1. (blush…)
    Thank you Frank for your wonderful prompts.
    By the way after almost two weeks of no real rain – I sent hubby out this morning to mow…
    scraggy lawn and all that. About after an hour it started a nice gentle rain and hasn’t stopped.

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