An Entry for Vita Brevis’ Comment-a-haiku Poetry Competition

Join the fun at Vita Brevis! submit a haiku in the comment post of their competion post


Vita Brevis is hosting a four-day haiku competition–taking place entirely in the comment section of this post!


Hurry! The competition closes Monday night (8/13/18)


Here is my entry:


sea breeze at sunset
last cry of the last sea gull
on an empty beach


#haiku #micropoetry #poetry


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  1. Nice verse! As a poet myself, I’m sure you must have debated those two “lasts”. I’ve read it leaving one out, then the other, just to see which version I like best. I’m chronically indecisive; I can spend a good while debating whether to use or omit one little word. 🙂

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  2. I agree with you, Frank. Repetition is part of poetry, part of the poetry of our language. I’ve had editors insisting on changing words or short phrases because ‘you just said that’. They just don’t understand the effect. I like this, the setting sun drawing away the gulls and leaving nothing behind.

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  3. Good luck with this entry. I enjoyed it. I looked at the place… a tad intimidating – for me.
    I don’t reblog in general. My excuse is that I have enough on my plate (and also am not a fan of being judged).
    But I do appreciate the information.

    I have fun writing. I switched up a tanka I started, added to and then changed up to a ‘Minute Poem’
    Only if you have time… enjoy: Dragin’ Minute

    I suppose I could have stopped at the first haiku in the first tanka… but I go where the Muse leads.
    Still thinking about ‘fire’.

    Have a great Sunday – might have rained last night. And at 8:30 am the sun is still in hiding. Perhaps a slow burn to start the day. 🙂

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