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Renga with Basho #6

#Haiku Happenings #1 (8/18/18): Janice’s latest tan #renga, with haiku from Basho, for Carpe Diem!




The Basho haiku for this Carpe Diem Renga challenge are translated by Robert Hass. The two-line responses in italics are mine. A true exchange of stanzas would be done in real time. This challenge is an opportunity to appreciate the haiku of a master and to practice writing two-line 7 syllable responses (I use the syllable count as a guide but don’t force my responses to comply).


cedar umbrellas, off

to Mount Yoshimo for

the cherry blossoms



our favourite rite of spring

don’t forget the wine glasses



attached to nothing,

the skylark singing



crescent moon lingering to

enjoy a dawn serenade


with every gust of wind,

the butterfly changes its place

on the willow



bamboo chimes clack and sway

a lullaby in rustling leaves


the dragonfly

can’t quite land

on that blade of grass




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