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trying to ignore despicably people ( haibun) daily moments Aug 17/18

#Haiku Happenings #2: Cheryl Lynn Roberts’ latest #haibun!

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Today, I was disappointed to see some tasteless articles and video clips on Aretha’s past. And I’m not talking about singing. I was upset that some people ( not only the media) like to find sad or bad things that happened in her life. So I looked for a biography of her, I had seen her talk about with Oprah and another reporter. She was asked about David Ritz’s autobiography he wrote later and she adamantly said they were all lies. Whether that is true or not is not my place to judge but to respect Aretha….period.

As I was reading the reviews it really pissed me off how some people were expecting Aretha to spill out very private things as if a celebrity owes this to her fans. Well they don’t! I feel this is illogical…NO! it is despicable!

Why not heed her mantra R E S P E…

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