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#Haiku Happenings #3: Suzanne’s latest #haibun for #withrealtoads!

Being in Nature

When I was very young I lived with my family on the shores of vast salt lake.  At age four (that time when conscious memory begins) my family moved to the city – the salt lake was left behind and never revisited   My childhood memories are of suburban streets and holidays on the beach.   The salt lake and the flat plains surrounding it became a mythic land I visited only in dreams.

Returning to the lake all these decades later I drive along roads that stretch for miles.  My movements through time and space become hypnotic.   Lie is reduced to bands of colour – suggestions and possibilities that hover in ephemeral space.

Is this what I saw as a baby?   Did my infant eyes attempt to focus on the horizon only to drift into illusory realms where nothing is quite as it seems?   Did this vision of probabilities and improbabilities…

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