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“The Kimono” just published on CreateSpace, Amazon.com

#Haiku Happenings #2: Jane Kohut-Bartels’ “The Kimono” is published!

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That was faster than we thought!  This novel took 12 years of research and writing. Not constant, but overall, 12 long, suffering years.  But the outcome is good and the work that Nick Nicholson in Australia did on this book has made it a better book by far.  Nick is a friend of over 12 years and had produced my previous three books on CreateSpace.

I am over the moon about this publication of “The Kimono”.  Frankly, there were years that I thought it would never see the light of day, but after I decided it was finished after 30 chapters, Nick said: “No, write on!  There is more to this story.”  And he was right.  I wrote 30 more chapters in a relatively sort time. And the story just blossomed out of all expectations.

So, it is done.  People who have read my Proof Copy said they can’t put…

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