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s 10.1 R.S.V.P / Haikai #53 plus/ haibun

#Haiku Happenings #9: Jules’ latest #haibun for my current #haikai challenge!


The Veteran next door just celebrated a milestone anniversary to be thankful for. By another name; a birthday: his ninety-fifth. As we move into October he’ll get to celebrate the festival wedding of one of the ‘young’ couples who has helped him in some of his darkest hours. Earlier this year that emergency hospital trip.

The Veteran next door has one of the kindest souls. Though at times he feels diminished because of the loss of his wife. She enjoyed Halloween and giving out candy. But the steps of his Bi-level home are not kind to his own weak legs. So now he puts out his porch light to discourage little costume visitors.

The Veteran next door speaks with clear memories of arid seasons, harvest moons, and colorful fall foliage. And hope that there will be less November rain. After all we’ve had over one hundred and seventy days of skyfall already this year.

The Veteran next door has a wonderful support system. Even on his birthday – his routine stays somewhat set, with a lift to and from the grocers and a special lunch out with one of his lovely friends.

with all he possessed

what more could I give to him?

just love and a hug.


via s 10.1 R.S.V.P / haikai #53 plus/ haibun


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