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#Haiku Happenings #1: Kim’s latest haiku for Carpe Diem!

writing in north norfolk

a blackbird whistles
in a cloud of pink blossom
announcing the day

these cherry blossoms
each one a microcosm
painted by nature

Kim M. Russell, 2nd October 2018

Cherry BlossomMy response to Carpe Diem #1511 Basho’s Blossoms (Revise That Haiku)

Today it’s the second letter in the alphabet, B for Basho’s blossom, and the challenge is to revise two haiku about blossom written by Basho. We have also been given the ‘stories’ behind the haiku to help us. You may choose to revise one or both of the following haiku:

hana no kumo  kane wa ueno ka  asakusa ka

a cloud of cherry blossoms;
the temple bell,
is it Ueno, is it Asakusa?

© Basho (1644-1694, taken from R.H. Blyth’s “Haiku, Volume 2)
samazama no koto omoidasu sakura kana

how many, many things
they call to mind
these cherry-blossoms!

© Basho

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