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October haibun

#Haiku Happenings 38: Yassy’s latest #haibun!


I embrace October's breathless thrill. Symphonies merge birds' tuneful
breaths, vermilion heartbeats kindle melodies of effervescent blossoms
lilting glimmering reveries.
cosmic collision;
                           dulcet energies
                           destiny's refrain

Canticles tumble from hearts pulsing, wrapping yearnings unbroken by
life's strategy. Crystal stars rhythm interludes daydreaming into 
night skies spangled with poetry.
                           pale of moonlight slips
                           a swirl of constellations
                           twilight's liquid dark

Fireflies trail the heath flaming a gentle zephyr that touches my 
cheek with grace. Crickets echo ebon air hemming mellow of sleep as
nocturnal creatures rouse.

                           dawn lures the sun out;
                           blue sanctuary 
                           of a rising star.


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