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#Poetrychallenge – colour and creepy

#Haiku Happenings #3: Robbie’s latest #haibun for Colleen’s Weekly #tanka #Poetry Challenge!

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The bees – a haiban

The bees were swarming. The children watched from behind the safety of the window glass as the vicious creatures swept through the garden; a threatening cloud of angry insects, attacking anything in their path.

A number of the bees hit the glass, smashing into it like kamikazi pilots. The loud buzzing of the swarm could be heard through the glass, a frightening sound to the children who had experienced swarming before. They had watch a similar swarm attack their dog the previous summer, stinging the poor animal over fifty times. George had died later at the veterinary clinic.

When the swarm had passed on the children inspected the many dead bodies on the window sill and ground underneath the window. There was a certain grim pleasure in seeing so much death.

The poison moved fast

Threatening her existence

Who would have believed

A bee sting…

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