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An Hour or So in the Park (Haibun)

#Haiku Happenings #6: Buddhadosha’s latest #haibun!


Yesterday we walked through the woods only with the intention to explore. We were confined only by the limitations of our mind and that of the park borders. We forgot to ask about what we would be doing in an hour. We left behind the fancy of thought lost in the hours that have yet to happen, because we were so swept away, so immersed in the immediate questions of this tree or that bird. It felt like hours had passed, though it had only been minutes, because just around the corner of every moment a new discovery lay in wait. Is this the same park we come to every weekend?

Redwood cedar boughs dip and make a perfect seat to sit and watch the march of ants up the sloping bark. Big leaf maple leaves dot the trodden path, and you always seem to find the perfect one to…

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