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On Patrol

#Haiku Happenings #6: Paul Beech’s latest #haibun appears in Failed Haiku!

Grandy's Landing

Here’s a haibun from a few weeks ago, one that gave me a warm glow to write as it concerns a local character who puts many to shame…


Three times around the green, he rides his trusty mobility buggy, on patrol. Stetson cocked defiantly, he might be a lawman from the Wild West, but for his Welsh dragon flag and twisted body.

An oddball he is, in the rheumy eyes of the old dears who peer tut-tutting between parted drapes. How unseemly for a man in his delicate state of health, to be scalding bullies or climbing roofs to rescue creatures in distress.  Mad, really.  And here he comes again…

Through flying leaves, stetson cocked, the oddball rides his buggy, a small black cat on his lap so trusting.

storm brewing

wicked tongues wag

faintly a banjo

Paul Beech

First published in Failed Haiku: A Journal of English…

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