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Two lines haiku, november 2018

#Haiku Happenings #2: Anna Maria’s latest two-line haiku!

Vento del giorno

f51d1e6e9000b7a931943e1a33e21978 Jon Rista Photography

boiled rice
the moon shines her cold light
waiting for snow –
dusk comes easily these days
winter evening –
in each pocket a hand
autumn clouds –
dreaming of a faraway place
middle of my heart –
already so cold the moon
the sour taste of lemon –
places I never went
departing –
the silken thread of the moon
autumn haze –
feelings we don’t dare to feel
fading lotus –
the narrow road to your arms
sharp winter’s light –
the sound of a silence
autumn song –
what words fail to say
言いそびれたこと *
Japanese translation by the team of FBgroup Haiku Column
© A.M.

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