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Sensual Aftermath – A Renga

#Haiku Happenings #1 (12/4/18): Gina presents a #renga by the writers anonymous collaborative!


Below is a collaboration of 6 writers, much infected with the writing bug. I quote dear Irma’s narrative, she explains how this was inspired and created.

I had a very exciting week with these ladies, the emails and messages covered more than just a collaboration, it was a truly amazing time of bonding. Thank you to Irma, Punam, Mich, Kate and Jenna.

Enjoy our Renga!

A Writers Anonymous Collaboration

Wherever I go

Old melody of our hearts

Murmurs autumn hymn

The songs we heard and we sang

Break my heart and cause a pang

Once soft, sweet whispers

Like spring, holding me in thrall

Now silent, your voice

Our song is played everywhere

My heart is sore with despair.

We stayed up all night

Talking like we loved to do

Then knowing crept in

Things would never be the same

I miss our forgotten flame

View of broad shoulders

Really gets my heart…

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