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Failed Haiku – December 2018

#Haiku Happenings #6: Eufemia Griffo’s latest #senryu appear in Failed Haiku!

Il fiume scorre ancora

Seven poems of mine featured in December issue 36 of Failed Haiku edited by Michael Rehling. There are also five poems of mine in memory of Angelee Deodhar. Thank you so much Mike for these three years full of poetry.

A Tribute to Angelee Deodhar

falling blossoms
your last poem
carried by the wind

winter solitude
looking for tiny stars
in the dark night

last journey
the stars protect
all your steps

last lines
the words are still looking for
their poet

winter solstice
the useless wait
of your retourn
empty garden
the call of a great tit
after love

cold spring
the spider still weaves
new frozen paths

Un tributo per Angelee Deodhar

fiori che cadono
il tuo ultimo poema
portato dal vento

solitudine invernale
alla ricerca di piccole stelle
nella notte oscura

ultimo viaggio
le stelle proteggono
tutti i tuoi passi

ultime righe
le parole…

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