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Is Zen over represented when we discuss contemporary American haiku? Miriam’s Well asks Gary Gach

#Haiku Happenings #7: Miriam Sagan continues her interview with Gary Gache!

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

Here is the second part of the five part interview. So pleased to be able to share it.


Q.: Is Zen over represented–or maybe not–when we discuss contemporary American haiku?

Answer: Good question. As a culture, we’re still getting past the concept of haiku as a neat packaging ploy: anything in 5-7-5 syllables is haiku. Similarly, we’re still moving past a murky sense of haiku being somehow connected with Zen – about which people still have a hazy grasp, not having committed to any introductory formal practice themselves. That is, we’re entering instead into a broader, truer perspective. 

I think it’s safe to take a step back and recognize that, as Americans have come to haiku, and Zen – Zen has been a meme carrier for haiku. DT Suzuki and Alan Watts introduced haiku in their writing. Haiku were important to Seymour Glass. For many Americans, these were…

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