A Man-eater’s Confession: a #TankaTuesday #TankaProse

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

They thought they could cut down my home. Burn my cover. Steal my quarry. Or perhaps they never thought at all, and just took what wasn’t theirs without considering the cost.

Now, they are my prey.

Still a danger, to be sure. But what choice did they give me? Was I to lie down and die? Starve as they hauled away good meat? Cower before their dogs and their guns?

No. I am made to hunt. That is what I do. That is what I will continue to do. Until the day they put me down.

What is it they like to say? “Catch a tiger by the tail?”

How appropriate.

waxing moon

the rustle of underbrush

by the water

the aftermath of a kill

we all brought upon ourselves

for Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 124 #SynonymsOnly

and Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform (imagined by Anmol (HA))

Categories: haikai, haiku community

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  1. Tigers are such beautiful creatures but they are made to kill, and you’ve conveyed this so well, Frank. I like the tiger’s voice, so honest and unapologetic – nothing to apologise for when you’re a natural hunter and you’re hungry. I love the menace in the rustle of underbrush!

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  2. This is so significant — the entire man-wildlife conflict is because we have encroached upon their spaces. Like we promote the survival of our species, they are equally entitled to the resources of this earth. I loved the atmospheric and wild tanka.

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