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Barbed wire words

#Haiku Happenings #9: Violet Lentz’s latest #haibun for Colleen’s weekly #tanka #poetry challenge!

Thru Violet's Lentz

Prone upon the self-imposed celibacy of a narrow twin bed, I lie awake each night, tangled up in words that cling to me like bed sheets drenched in sweat. I peel them off my tender exposed flesh, yet their sour stench lingers, fouling any possibility of sleep.

In my insomniatic stupor I seek to inebriate them with the splendor of my words, but even in their drunkenness they cannot be dissuaded- until they disperse at dawn, leaving me alone, abandoned, interred in the irons of exhaustion.

Barbed wire words, hold
captive more childhood dreams
than cold iron bars.

Thanks to Misky’s twiglet #116- cold iron bars and MLMM Photo Challenge #253 for the inspiration behind this piece which I am submitting as my entry on Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Writers Choice.

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