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#Haiku Happenings #6: Cheryl Lynn Roberts’ latest #haibun!

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Six weeks of battling a winter cold or is it a spring cold? Sipping her ginger tea with dollops of honey she savours the sweet taste. An image of a bee comes to mind and she can’t wait for the first dandelions so bees can come back and do their magic.

Chubby stained hands 
Gathering dandelions
A mother’s bouquet

© Touronesol ‘19-04-02 

Daily Moments – April 22019 flowersfor mommy

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  1. Winter and Spring colds…..how do you differentiate? Misery in both cases. I like this because it has a feeling of Universality. That, I believe is the most important element in any poetry. And this does. Bees…they are disappearing now. Commercial bees (loaded on trucks, flatbeds.….millions of bees are fed sugar water. Not good. but this haibun is.

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