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A New Resonance 11 now in Sweden!

#Haiku Happenings #1 (4/12/19): Anna Maris appears in New Resonance 11!

Anna Maris

The Red Moon Press bi-annual anthology A New Resonance has finally arrived in Sweden. The anthology series was originally meant to be new poets, but this edition includes a number of experienced poets who have been on the haiku scene for many years. I am very proud to be in the company of  so many great haiku masters.

The book features 17 poets, from New Zeeland, US, Canada, Turkey, Wales and Sweden.  Most of the poets selected are from North America.

A New Resonance 11 is edited by Jim Kacian and Julie Warther. They have done a write-up of each participant in the anthology.

The book retails at 17 USD, which in Swedish currency is 158 kr. If you are interested in a copy, I have a small batch, which I am selling for 150kr, plus shipping, if needed. I will be bringing books to Litteraturrundan in Malmö 4 May…

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