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Brendon Kent’s Walk

#Haiku Happenings #4: Nicholas Klacanszky presents and comments on a haiku by Brendon Kent!

Haiku Commentary

mother’s walk
we wander through
each other

© Brendon Kent (UK)
Published in Moon on Water

This haiku shows deep feelings about attachment and detachment. ‘mother’s walk’ intrigues me with the purpose associated with it. Usually, a mother’s walk revolves around the daily activities of her home and children. On contrary, she may want a break from daily activities or a tough routine just to be by herself.

The second and third line suggests that she is not alone whilst walking. She may have the company of another person who has similar feelings or routines. The other person could be either a child or a spouse who is constantly trying to understand the deepest feelings of the mother. This situation also reflects the calm personality of a mother that is usually neglected due to daily activities. It seems the other person came to know about this side of hers rarely…

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