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Haiku Happenings #4: Colin Blundell offers a reflection on haiku as “a state of mind” (Hat tip to Martha Magenta!)


If It’s true that haiku is a state of mind, as I believe it is, the next question is: What is the right state of mind for writing haiku? But before that you must answer this question: What is mind?

And that’s a question which pre-supposes that there is only one mind to bother about; it’s what in the ordinary way we usually assume to be the case. But it’s an assumption that can often lead us into a state of confusion.

What if we have more than one mind? After all there is the common expression, ‘I’m in two minds about that…’ What about three or four minds? Five or six minds? Enough minds managed by a single brain to sink a battleship? One part of me thinks that’s nonsense; another part thinks it’s an interesting idea; another part of me is willing to carry on reading these notes…

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