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Pg:8.29 / Good Tracking? /Three Prompts – Jules Pens Some Gems…

Haiku Happenings #8: Jules’ latest #haibun for my previous #haikai challenge!

Good Tracking?
(reverse haibun)

shelter from autumn
rain; in the train station, there
shoeshine industry

Raymond gladly responded to the patrolman when he said; “I need to see an ID.”
Ralph and Richard, as well as himself were just some of them, who worked with polish and could regain the former shine of most blue collar workers shoes. There were some human pests, who tried to take over their shoe shine stands when those with licenses went off duty. This new Cop was patrolling with a German Shepard to help sniff out unwanted contraband going in or out. Always good to meet the new Officers.

Once in their rhythms the bootblacks could do their work quickly almost with their eyes closed. Too many Gen Xers wore cloth foot coverings, but there were still plenty of business folks that used the trains that made being a shoeblack a good job for an older man who still wanted some income and be out of the weather. And they tipped well for quick service.


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