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Daily Haiku: Sept. 17 through 22, 2019

#Haiku Happenings #2: Charlotte Digregorio’s Daily Haiku features six previously published haiku by Sandi Pray!

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Sandi Pray, a haikuist in the USA, is a great observer, and writes with heart and soul. Her haiku is accessible to everyone who reads it, and her delight in finding the haiku moment is infectious. We know her haiku below will inspire you to read and write more haiku.
sometimes just knowing
i’m not alone
Indian Kukai
evening jam
a banjo picks
through the wind
Akitsu, Spring 2018
with an answer
for everything
the tree of crows
Wild Plum Haiku Contest, April 2017
frog song
a heron’s shadow
takes the last note
A New Resonance 11
Red Moon Press, 2019
blue feathers
all but the song
in my hand
Modern Haiku, 49:2, Summer 2018
only the clicking
of dragonfly wings
hospital garden
A New Resonance 11
Red Moon Press, 2019

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