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Covid19 — and I Thought I Was a Party Pooper

#Haiku Happenings #6: Alexis Rotella reflects on a haijin’s life during Covid-19, and on her upcoming work!

Alexis Rotella's Blog

Yes, these are interesting times we’re living in. We’re all ordered to stay at home and that’s no fun.  But for those of us with creative outlets, it can save us from boredom, fear and worse yet, panic. On the bright side, we can use our apartments or houses as our makeshift zendos or monasteries.  Here we’re forced to look within, to face what we denied when we were playing beat the clock.

Just to share, I am using karma yoga as a way to cope with the extra responsibilities than have been thrown in my lap. These responsibilities wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t handle them. Karma yoga is about offering one’s dharma (duty) to the Divine as a gift.  It works quite well and I encourage you to Google the term to learn more if that strikes your fancy.

Meanwhile, social media is a life saver even though…

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