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Curfew: Day 12

#Haiku Happenings #9: Rajani’s latest #haibun!


The virus has been dragged by its crown of spikes along the bent axis of human behaviour – it now follows the thick lines of our divisions, our distances, our fears, our desperate need to assign blame as if that last sin will instantly inoculate us. It’s April. Already. Only. April. There should be mangoes and summer showers and kids on the street playing cricket. There is a certain level of noise that you get used to. That fades into the background, like life tapping away at a giant keyboard. This quiet, this disquiet is too loud to ignore. It should rain. Rain, long and hard, on tile and concrete and metal. Wash away this April. Drown out this April.

like a secret lover
another night slips away
from dawn’s door

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