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Curfew: Day 31

#Haiku Happenings #3: Rajani’s latest poetic #haibun!


Is my silence greater than yours? Are you standing
farther away from me than I am from you? Does a

metre know how long it is when it returns? This is
the universe’s culling game and we are playing blind.

Although the rules seem convoluted — so many
throws of the dice to reach the edge and so many

more turns before we hit the ground –- when one
little push would have been enough. We were

already broken and shaking. And why play in this
inky dark? Why steal a moon that grew for years in

my field? Falling in daylight, we might have looked
up, once, to see how high we had climbed – not so

long ago, when all that mattered was the gradient
and the wind and your warm breath next to mine.

afterwards –
just waiting
for the waiting to end

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