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“Amazing presence” ©J.E.Goldie #Haikai Challenge (5/3/20): Flower Moon

#Haiku Happenings #10: J.E. Goldie’s latest #tankaprose for my former #haikai challenge!


May! The time of flowers (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), the beginning of summer by the Traditional reckoning, a Marion month according to the Roman Catholic Church, #NaTankaMo: the fifth month of the year has a lot going on!

When the full Moon appears this month, it will be ever-so-slightly farther away than it was in April and March. May’s full Moon still qualifies as a supermoon, but it won’t be as bright or as big as the others in the series, technically speaking. However, the difference in distance between its orbit and April’s—about 2500 miles—is not much in the grand scale of space, so you will still see a bright, beautiful supermoon!

Frank J. Tassone

Under the May Supermoon, the moonflower glows like a beacon in the night. It’s small hearty seed producing a climbing vine. I planted one next to my porch. There’s nothing as pleasurable as sitting on my porch…

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