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The Enemy Revealed

#Haiku Happenings #2: Linda Lee Lyberg’s latest #tanka sequence for Colleen’s #weekly #tanka #poetry #challenge!

Charmed Chaos

Image Credit: Balaji Malliswamy

the veil, now lifted
the enemy is revealed
spending life racing
chasing the mighty dollar
failing to honor nature

but now that we’ve paused
we are seeing fresh beauty
in every green leaf
finally, we realize
earth was waiting for our fall

for we are, you see
our own baffling enemy
destroying the air
we breathe, the water we drink
killing ourselves with each act

Author’s Note:When I saw this photo, I saw so much more than a crocodile, a predator. I saw all of nature, watching us as we destroy this beautiful earth. And now, we are paying the price with this disease. This earth and its creatures will be here long after we are gone.

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry ChallengeNo. 178 #PhotoPrompt

Earthweal: Open Link Weekend #21

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