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After the Burn

#Haiku Happenings #5: Mary’s latest #haibun for Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip Poetry challenge!


I remember a time she spoke of margaritas, and I, under my straw hat, remained concrete under a wax seal of determinism and dogma. Oh how God uses time to break us! She would swim with sharks if she could. I could play one no longer. Now, smooth sailing, I still don’t partake; too much history. I see her as a woman God is preparing.

After scorching sun
Aloe soothes and heals the skin
Summer melts all ice

Linking with Linda Kruschke Paint Chip Poetry. The challenge this week is to write about the phrase “What a Relief.” Have you been relieved about something? Maybe you got to go back to work? Or some test results came back negative? Or the bee population seems to be doing well and is busy pollinating this year?
Whatever it is, craft your poem about it using at least 4 of the following 7…

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