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Prune Juice: Free Download to Get You Going

#Haiku Happenings #1 (7/1/20): Alexis Rotella shares Prune Juice’s latest e-book!

Alexis Rotella's Blog

Ten years ago I started the senryu journal Prune Juice (publisher Modern English Tanka Press). At the time, haiku journals weren’t publishing many senryu (sister form to haiku that focuses on human nature). As I do with many projects, I pass them on to other caretakers. Happy to say Prune Juice still lives. You can read a selection from some of the best writers in the field here:

Great news! The Prune Juice Book of Senryu: Celebrating 10 Years (2009 – 2019) is now available as a FREE eBook PDF download at PruneJuiceSenryu.com/PruneJuiceBook


With all of the changes in everyone’s lives lately, please enjoy this free gift from the editors of Prune Juice. Thank you for being part of our family along the way, and for your dedication to expanding the genre with your unique voice. 


Reflecting on our first decade devoted to promoting English Senryu, publishing over…

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