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Baby, It’s Cold Out There

#Haiku Happenings #1 (7/14/20): Petru J. Viljoen’s latest #haibun for my current #haikai challenge!


It’s South Africa. It’s winter, a particularly cold one (for South Africa). It’s a very small town, ravaged by Covid-19. Hunger prevails. A 1000 had to be fed by less than a handful. The chat group was ablaze last night. Where are the food parcels?

Tempers soared … and soured. A leader, in charge, peeved. Believe it!

Yes but, and then that, but you … but where did the food parcels go then? The rich and well off sit and sip liquor in the sun, arranging themselves for after (Covid). They gathered in God’s name. So where are the food parcels!

But if you did and if they didn’t … and then they put up the electricity charges. And still no-one says about the missing food parcels. Those who still could now can’t cook any longer unless they make a fire in the yard. A household of ten to eat…

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