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nd 7.19 Open To Interpretations 4p – Jules Pens Some Gems…

#Haiku Happenings #4: Jules’ latest poetic #haibun for my current #haikai challenge!

Open To Interpretations

To you I have become my words
Sharing some darker moments,
Humor, retrospect, memoir…
But mostly, perhaps more than romantic drivel –
Inhaling new meanings, forms, symbols

Loving the life, owning authorship
Every word birthed, growing into sentences
Paragraphs of compromise and promise.

I can have my secrets and eat cake.
(However many words I may consume,
They will continue to spill forth like a
Glorious waterfall, only if I breathe.)
I do not have to give my all to you ~

If all the world as it is known were to vanish
All of my molecules would eventually reform
Into some poetic ode, a Möbius ribbon

Ever expanding to accept all that wanted
To see both the forest and the individual trees.
And next to my heart; my beloved who
In their own great wisdom would engineer
That we would always be paired together

passing the summer
meadow of our lives, autumn
looks extremely fine



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