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MTB: Haiku Sequence

#Haiku Happenings #5: I’m hosting MTB at dVerse, where we are writing #haiku #sequences!


Welcome to DVerse, Poets! Frank Tassone here, your host for today’s Meet the Bar, where we take a deep dive into poetic craft.

Many of us have written haibun for Haibun Monday prompts. That means we have written haiku. Did you know that you could write multiple haiku that express a similar theme or montage of images? That haikai form is known as the haiku sequence.

Michael Dylan Welch, haiku poet, scholar and host of the National Haiku Writing Month Facebook Page, explains:

One of the haiku arts is creating sequences. They might be narrative, all on a theme, or have some particular creative constraint or central idea. 

Here is a sequence of his:

After the Fall

First published in Mirrors 3:4, Autumn 1990, page 23.

winter wind—
       a wisp of snow
              curls into the well

spring wind—
       a cherry blossom
              circles the well

summer wind—

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