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Day – 317- Haibun Journey Daily Thoughts – Birds and more – Ada’s Poetry Alcove

#Haiku Happenings #6: Ada’s latest #haibun!

Today’s morning was filled with bird antics, the afternoon with some weird caterpillar covers in twigs and this evening a stay cat.  Sometimes I feel like everything wants a home at my house.  I started the day watching a funny little wren hopping about the porch. Next on the scene were a couple of hummingbirds  They were okay for a minute each drinking from opposite sides of the feeder and then started chasing each other away, refusing to share.  The wind chimes started twinkling and a sparrow landed and was taking a spin, while waiting for a turn at the sunflower feeder. Inside we found one caterpillar had formed a chrysalis on the outside of the jar.  Several hours later we found one crawling on the baseboard.  Then this evening it sounded like there was a cat on the front screened-in-porch.  It was actually on the top stair by the outside door crying to get in.  It was about a 7 month old calico kitten. It’s fur was very thick and extremely short .  It had a red collar but know ID. While I  got water and some tuna my husband pet and photographed it.  It was was certainly hungry.  It definitely is an indoor cat. It jumped and looked around with every car sound on the street.  Anymore stragglers coming to visit?

wind chime jangles

sparrow perched  on the wing

of spinning butterfly


Cool August morning

the air mingled with fennel

and moonflower

Day – 317- Haibun Journey Daily Thoughts – Birds and more – Ada’s Poetry Alcove

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